Mars Society and founder Robert Zubrin visit Biosphere 2 and SAM

[from left to right: Olivia Drayson, Michael Laine, Kai Staats, Bruce Mackenzie, Caleb Pool, Daniel Thompkins, Hope Zubrin, Robert Zubrin, Doug Plata, Andre Fernandez, and Ashton Zeth]

We are honored to have Mars Society Robert Zubrin and several 2023 conference volunteers and staff visit Biosphere 2 for a tour of the historic facility and SAM. Director of Research for SAM at Biosphere 2 Kai Staats provided the group with a four and a half hours tour including all of the biomes, historic living quarters, south lung and ‘technosphere’, and then SAM and the adjacent Mars yard and terrain park, currently under construction.

It was an engaging morning and afternoon with plentiful conversations and debates for the challenges of humans establishing long-term residence on Mars.