Bring a crew to SAM
SAM is like no other Mars habitat analog, so even if you’ve been to one or two others, we promise a unique, valuable research platform and experience.

The following requirements will be requested following initial contact and engagement (at bottom).

Application: Phase I

  • Institution or company (if any)
  • Country(ies) of origin for all crew members
  • Number of people in your SAM crew (min 1, max 4)
  • Number of people in your Mission Control crew (min 1 on-site or remove, max 6 on-site)
  • Confirm at least one experienced (published) researcher
  • Will you provide team members for Mission control?
  • Have you attended any other analogs before? Which one(s)?
  • Duration of stay (5 days to 2 weeks; longer for experienced teams)
  • Basic field of research
  • Briefly describe your proposed study
  • Receive and review associated fees

Application: Phase II

  • Mission statement
  • Research plan — undergoes a review and approval process
  • Publication plan — undergoes a review and approval process

Pre-Arrival Certifications and Training

  • Approved Conflict Resolution training for the full team
  • CPR and First Aid training for at least 2 team members
  • COVID test for all team members, 48 hours prior to arrival to B2

On-site Training + Debrief

  • One full day on-site training at Biosphere 2 prior to entry
  • Morning debrief before departure from Biosphere 2

View the Visiting Team Calendar. We are now processing team applications for fall ’23. You may contact us to initiate a conversation (Phase I above), formulate your mission objectives, and establish the cost associated with your mission.