Contact Us

While the SAM development team is principally focused on construction at Biosphere 2 (updates at, we are eager to receive your inquiries and to begin discussions with interested research teams.

With the proper web forms under construction as well, please use the following as a starting point to a conversation about what your team might bring to SAM, and how we can best serve your research needs. SAM is principally an analog for scientific research in plant physiology, plant ecology, food cultivars and food studies, indoor atmosphere studies, microbiology and the study of the microbiome, geology, robotics, human factors, haptics, and tool use, to name a few. We are also open to teams or team members conducting studies in art, writing, photography, videography and filmmaking, and with additional guidelines (IRB required), psychology and social studies.

Please provide the following:

  • First and last name of the team lead (mission commander)
  • Country(ies) of origin of all crew members
  • Private or academic institution
  • Number of people in your team: minimum of 2, maximum of 10
  • Duration of stay (5 days to 3 months)
  • Basic field of research (examples given above)
  • 1-3 paragraphs describing your proposed study (short and sweet for now, please)
  • If a scientific objective, who is guiding the research? A team member? Professor? Professional researcher?
  • Why is SAM of interest to you?
  • Have you attended any other analogs before? Which one(s)?

We are also seeking partnerships with citizen astronaut training facilities, corporate sponsors, and both private and government space agencies.

We are eager to hear from you!