INCLUSION I at the Space Analog for the Moon and Mars

This high quality video produced by the University of Arizona provides an elegant introduction to the Space Analog for the Moon and Mars at Biosphere 2, and the first crew to embed themselves in this hermetically sealed, pressurized facility. This film features Director of Research Kai Staats, Crew Captain Cassandra Klos, and original (1991-93) Biospherian Linda Leigh.

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The Sounds of SAM

A variety of audio recordings captured during the six months endeavor to restore pressurized functionality to the 1987 Test Module, prototype for the Biosphere 2 and cornerstone to the Space Analog for the Moon and Mars, SAM.

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Kai Staats Presents SIMOC and SAM to the Space Habitat Event

The Space Habitat Event is an international event dedicated to debate the operation of space analog stations and future Mars and Moon colonies / settlements / stations. The theme of this second edition is: “Sustainable Technologies for Future Space Habitats (Moon and Mars) and Analog Space Habitats”.

Director of SAM at Biosphere 2 Kai Staats provided an overview of SIMOC and SAM to the international audience.

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SAM Symposium 2020

SAM Symposium 2020

The SAM Symposium 2020 is concluded with a dozen team members from around the world sharing their enthusiasm and expertise in helping our species become interplanetary.

You can watch all of the videos at

01 + 02 – Open with Kai Staats, and a welcome by Dr. Joaquin Ruiz, UA VP of Global Environmental Futures and Executive Director at Biosphere 2
03 – Taber MacCallum, Founder, Co-CEO & CTO for Space Perspective
04 – Ewan Reid, CEO of Mission Control Space Services
05 – Dr. Cameron Smith, Founder and Trent Tresch, Researcher at Smith Aerospace Garments
06 – Ezio Melotti, Lead front-end Developer at SIMOC
07 – Anastasiya Stepanova, Engineer at the Institute of Biomedical Problems and SIRIUS
08 – Dr. Shannon Rupert – Director of the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS ), Mars Society
09 – Michael Blum and the UA CEAC / Mars-Lunar Greenhouse student team
10 – Coby Scheidemantel and the UA ENGR 498 Capstone student team
11 – Bryan Versteeg, Conceptual Designer at Space Habs
12 – John Adams, Deputy Director at Biosphere 2 and Kai Staats, Director of SAM

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SIMOC, SAM presented at the Mars Society Convention

SIMOC at Mars Society Convention 2020

The Mars Society’s 23rd Annual International Mars Society Convention will convene Thursday-Sunday, October 15-18, 2020, across this planet via the Internet!

The Mars Society’s four-day, international, virtual conference brings together leading scientists, government policymakers, commercial space executives, science journalists and space advocates to discuss the latest scientific and technological developments and challenges related to the human and robotic exploration of Mars and the eventual human settlement of the Red Planet.

Kai Staats will give a talk and live demonstration of SIMOC followed by a unveiling of SAM, a hi-fidelity, hermetically sealed Mars analog being constructed at the iconic Biosphere 2. [download slides (PDF)]

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