Reduced Gravity Simulator at SAM

The reduced gravity simulator (RGS) at SAM is installed and operational with a single-axis test trolley. This marks completion of one of the most unique and advantageous components of SAM when coupled with pressure suit and rover mobility research. In it’s current state the RGS allows the SAM team to safely test various configurations of trolley and gravity-offload rigs before elevating to the nominal operating height. Once the gravity-offset rig is integrated, the entire 50 (15m) foot assembly of welded, tubular steel armatures and raceway will be raised to 12 feet (4m), providing a variable reduction in apparent weight from Mars (1/3) to Lunar gravity (1/6) to microgravity.

Once again we thank James Parker and the master welders at the University of Arizona welding shop for a perfect fabrication of the five RGS armatures.

Learn more about the history of reduced gravity simulators and the RGS at SAM and watch a video of the test of the static trolley.