Sean Gellenbeck sanding the tunnel from the Test Module to the lung.

We often speak of multitasking as a measure of performance or value in a fast paced society, yet the quality of work of any one individual is readily correlated to focus on a single, given task. In our work at SAM we do move through a half dozen projects in a single day. However, with an unwritten agreement to keep cell phone interruptions to a minimum, regular check-ins to revise the chalk board task list and tools in hand, we are a dynamic team, each of us able to transition from landscaping to metal fabrication, from concrete mixing to painting without hesitation. And in each task, that is our core focus from start to completion.

This past few weeks has seen our team struggle to get the 40 foot shipping container air tight, with far more leaks than anticipated. A few shipments and contracted component builds have seen delays too. We have taken advantage of the delays in one arena to make significant strides in others, tasks that might have otherwise been put off until March or April.

Sanding, priming, and painting much of the exterior of the two shipping containers and airlock, Test Module to workshop interior bridge, workshop to crew quarters bridge, and workshop floor are now complete. The upper lung pan and lower lung wall are primed. Luna has planted a “soup mix” in the experimental soil grow beds while John Z., Luna, and Bindhu were successful in pouring a concrete footing for the workshop mini-split condenser. Sean tackled the arduous paint scraping in the lung tunnel and Ezio came out from his programming lair to assist with landscaping and painting, his tenacity for detail welcomed. Kai, as usual, shuffled between all projects in order to keep the team focused and moving forward, providing sharp tools, ample supplies, and (mostly) appreciated guidance while trying to get back to the one thing he promised himself he’d get done that day.