Crew Imagination I has concluded the third mission conducted at the Space Analog for the Moon and Mars (SAM) at Biosphere 2. Just before 10:00 AM Mountain Time, March 15, 2024, the crew released the pressure from the habitat, and when the internal pressure equaled the outside, ambient pressure, the gathered crowd of friends, family, and colleagues, including Lindah Leigh (of the original 1991-93 two year Biosphere 2 mission) welcomed the crew as they opened the hatch and stepped onto the airlock landing.

New channels KVOA and KGUN were on-site to capture the story during the press conference held in the Mars yard adjacent to SAM.

KVOA – Chanel 4
UA artists show how a simulation shows what it’s like going to moon

KGUN – Channel 9
Imagination 1 crew “lands on earth” after 6-day simulated moon mission