Vera, Bret and Sangita, Jasleen, Rafael, Hillary at SAM, Biosphere 2

Vera Mulyani, founder of the Mars City Design and her associates Bret and Sangita, Jasleen, Rafael, and Hillary were welcomed visitors to Biosphere 2 and SAM. Deputy Director John Adams provided an hour and a half personal tour of the Biosphere 2 facilities prior to a tour of the construction site for SAM. The day held engaging conversations about NASA, SpaceX, the contribution of analogs to human space exploration since the 1960s, and how Kai and Trent are two opposing variables in a dynamic, balanced equation.

From left to right: Rafael Martinez, Hillary Coe, Kai Staats, Bret and Sangita Engelkemier, Vera Mulyani, John Adams, Katie Morgan, Jasleen Gujral.