Biosphere 2 Deputy Director John Adams conduct pressure suit test at SAM

We are honored to have engaged Dr. Cameron Smith, professor of archaeology and anthropology at Portland State University and founder of Smith Aerospace Garments for the design and fabrication of two fully functional pressure suits for SAM.

In February of 2021 Dr. Smith brought an field prototype to SAM for our first pressure suit test with Biosphere 2 Deputy Director John Adams inside (see top 8 photos, below). We then contracted Smith Aerospace Garments to design and fabricate a next generation EVA suit for use by crew members in the SAM Mars yard.

Dr. Smith worked with us over the course of a few months, engaging our team in critical design decisions. The suits were completed in June and field tested in August (see bottom 8 photos, below) in a rigorous setting that included rock climbing, which is otherwise quite difficult in a pressure suit.