Cork flooring in the SAM crew quarters at Biosphere 2

After several weeks research, locating vendors, confirming inventory, tracking and motivating shipment, Dick and Linda Staats (Kai’s parents) delivered 320 sq-ft of all natural, VOC-free cork flooring to SAM at Biosphere 2 … and just in time to install with the close of Phase II construction before the Analog Astronaut Conference 2022.

John Z., Kai, Luna, Anastasiya, and John Adams worked to install the backer board and cork tiles over the course of four days, assuring each step was conducted with integrity. Each product selected, from the glue between the backer board and original aluminum rails of the 40′ shipping container, the backer board itself, and the cork (which was simply set down, not glued) were selected for their low- or no-VOC characteristics. Visiting teams to SAM will breathe easy in an environment far healthier than the average American home, and not far from what very well could be a Martian habitat.

What’s more, the flooring is simply beautiful, warm, and welcoming.

Kai, John Z laying backer board over the aluminum rails at SAM, Biosphere 2 John Z. laying the second row of cork flooring at SAM, Biosphere 2

Anastasiya Stepanova working with John Z to cut cork flooring for SAM at Biosphere 2 The cork flooring is nearly complete in SAM at Biosphere 2