Preparing for the airlock footing pour at SAM, Biosphere 2

With the 40 foot shipping container in place, and the airlock released from the Biosphere 2 basement bulkhead wall, we’re ready to attach the airlock to the exterior of the crew quarters as the primary entry and exit of the SAM habitat structure. As noted in a prior post, very careful planning has gone into the alignment of this pressure vessel extension such that it is structurally sound, hermetically sealed, and designed for a path of least obstruction from the Mars yard through the crew living space and workshop into the Test Module.

Kai and Colleen used plumb lines, triangulation geometry, and a level to assure the proper placement of the concrete forms. The end product is less than an eighth of an inch deviation in any direction over a 10 foot run. Thank you Terry for your guidance in the rebar placement, box ties, and assistance with the pour.

This particular story began with Pen & Pad, continues with Preparation, and concludes with Airlock Install.