Trent rides the trailer to the dumpster!

Cleaning out the Kalahari room at Biosphere 2 With the start of our second phase of development of SAM, we decided it would be ideal to have a home-base of operations beyond our campus apartment and the shipping container adjacent to the Test Module, a space for SAM planning, systems design, and development of components vital to first-team missions and operations.

In June Biosphere 2 Deputy Director John Adams allocated one of the three buildings in the lower B2 parking lot for the SAM Operations Center. This building had been used as storage for B2 cleaning supplies, linens, dish ware, and office supplies; and the building we would move these items into was equally full with pre-COVID K-12 staff offices, supplies, and more storage.

Early in October Trent and Kai dove into sorting, moving, and cleaning both buildings to establish the SAM operations center and to help the B2 staff regain organization and efficiency for daily operations as the Biosphere 2 ramped back up toward a pre-COVID level of daily and conference center visitors.

With this initial effort concluded we have the foundation of an operations center complete with a kitchen, library, mission control center, conference room, and workshop. Next we will determine the desired layout of the operations center and engage in re-construction in parallel to the vital effort of expanding the Test Module pressure vessel with the crew quarters.