SAM at Biosphere 2

It is our pleasure to bring to a close Phase I development and construction of a Space Analog for the Moon and Mars (SAM) at Biosphere 2. This past six months of research, design, engineering, and hands-on construction has been a tremendous labor of passion by Kai Staats, Trent Tresch, Biosphere 2 Deputy Director John Adams, Tim Mcmullen and Terry Murchek of Biosphere 2’s maintenance staff, intern Natasha Loving, and our volunteers Cameron Smith, KC Shasteen and Michael Blum, Linnaea Groh and Atila Meszaros, Robert David and Angus Gluck, Colleen Cooley, Trenton Kenney, and Jolene Varga and Rob Ronci.

We thank Executive Director Joaquin Ruiz and Deputy Director of Research Cherry Murray and the whole of the Biosphere 2 staff for continued, daily support; Murat Kacira and Gene Giacomelli of the University of Arizona Controlled Environment Agriculture Center; and Doug Hocksteed and Rakhi Gibbons of TechLaunch Arizona for the initial round of funding. Jude Yandow was instrumental in keeping the finances in order and Julie Stringer for helping us navigate the complex framework of the University.

We look forward to returning in September to dive back into SAM construction, with the first of three shipping containers already in place for the 1200 sq-ft crew living quarters.

See you then!