SAM team and B2 staff at SAM, Biosphere 2

Yesterday we said goodbye to volunteers Jolene Varga and Rob Ronci (far left) from Colorado. They lived on the Biosphere 2 campus and worked with us at SAM for a full week. Thank you for jumping into the fire of the final week before pressure tests!

We also bid safe farewell to Trenton Kenney (back row, between Rob and Kai) from the University of Minnesota. “Kenney” was with us for three weeks and worked on just about every aspect of the project. We’ll miss your incredible cooking, fun anecdotes, and updates from the halls of NASA. But thank goodness my First Aid kit will no longer be used a few times each day!

Natasha Loving (front left, red shirt) is with the University of Arizona and provided her second week of volunteer work at SAM (Thr/Fri). She will be working with us over the summer, receiving credit for her work at SAM. Thank you for your diving into every project handed to you, and for singing while you worked as your voice echoed up into the Test Module—it was quite relaxing.

(SAM developers Trent Tresch and Kai Staats are in beige and black shirts, respectively)

Katie, Brittany, and John (right side) of the Biosphere 2 management and research staff, your support and enthusiasm for this project continues to be imperative to our success—thank you!