Sunday, April 21 began with an all-hands team meeting led by Danica Vallone. The prior two days with geologist Christopher Hamilton has altered the design to a degree that required a reset for some of the design expectations. Kai, Tasha, and Luna had printed a few dozen more images at various sizes and zoom factors. Danica then pinned them to the design board, a 6″ thick foam sheet with a marker rendering of the south wall, where each photo provided the required detail for the sculpting team to move ahead.

Monday, April 22 saw the sculpting team regain their anticipated rhythm with steady forward progress, the otherwise nondescript block of foam becoming recognized features, even to the untrained eye: a massive rock fall over an ancient lava flow adjacent to an even older evacuated lava tube.

Tuesday, April 23 began with a spray foam team arriving from Phoenix, setting up their air flow tent, and then applying a #4 density foam to the inside and outside of the rebar, chicken wire, and burlap lava tube built by Matthias, Luna, Kai, and Sean. During the spray foam endeavor, Kai took the sculptors Steve, Rob, and Kat on a tour of Biosphere 2.

Lava tube set and strong enough to walk on (but we won’t), the sculpting team returned their work (donning respirators) while the spray foam crew cut loose the over-spray and cleaned up.