SAM Crew Imagination I, March 2024

University of Arizona crew of professional artists completes simulated Moon mission
By Mikayla Mace Kelley, University of Arizona Communications
March 27, 2024

‘Those first couple steps were magical,’ says a dancer who explored the ways of understanding and sharing the experience of space travel and exploration through art. UA professor and SAM crew member of Imagination 1 Elizabeth George leaped into the air and lingered. When her feet finally touched down, she pushed up and spun three times before returning gently to Earth.

Such ballon – a term in dance meaning light-footedness – would normally be impossible on Earth, she said, especially while donning a roughly 20-pound, pressurized spacesuit. Her near weightlessness was the product of engineering that allowed her to feel what it might be like to pirouette on the moon.

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