Spectral Analysis at SAM, Biosphere 2

As we have worked to simulate the interior light conditions of a habitat on Mars, covering the upward facing glass panels of the Test Module with optically opaque silicone elastomeric, and the horizontal window panes with 50% optical transmission film, it is important to understand how the light falls inside of this greenhouse space. While we will rely upon synthetic lights for most growing operations, the additional, natural light will affect grow patterns.

Tullio Dellaquila is a light specialist who was on-site working with John Adams at the Biosphere 2 ocean. He stopped by SAM to conduct a spectral analysis of the light, from four key positions:

a) Outside of SAM, unfiltered by glass or any overhead structure.
b) Inside SAM, through the mid-level, unfiltered glass.
c) Inside SAM, through the lower, filtered glass.
d) Inside SAM, in the shadow of the silicone covered, top glass panels.

The data is currently under review, and will be published at this entry, soon.