Living and Working in SAM

Following the SAM Development Summit this past December, we are nearly complete with a first draft Standard Operating Procedures manual. The first two research crews in SAM (see Calendar) will be, in part, working to refined the SOPs from an internal point of view. We appreciate your patience as the words take form. In the mean time, here is a quick breakdown of what is required:

Application: Phase I

  • Institution or company (if any)
  • Country(ies) of origin for all crew members
  • Number of people in your team (min 2, max 10)
  • Confirm at least one experienced (published) researcher
  • Will you provide team members for Mission control
  • Have you attended any other analogs before? Which one(s)?
  • Duration of stay (5 days to 2 weeks; longer for experienced teams)
  • Basic field of research
  • Briefly describe your proposed study
  • Receive and review associated fees

Application: Phase II

  • Mission statement
  • Research plan — undergoes a review and approval process
  • Publication plan — undergoes a review and approval process

Pre-Arrival Certifications and Training

  • Approved Conflict Resolution training for the full team
  • CPR and First Aid training for at least 2 team members
  • COVID test for all team members, 48 hours prior to arrival to B2

On-site Training + Debrief

  • One full day on-site training at Biosphere 2 prior to entry
  • Morning debrief before departure from Biosphere 2

View the Visiting Team Calendar. We are now processing team applications for fall ’23. You may contact us to initiate a conversation (Phase I above), formulate your mission objectives, and establish the cost associated with your mission.