SAM at B2, image by Bryan Versteeg

At SAM, researchers can remain in situ for an afternoon, overnight, or for up to two weeks. Existing Biosphere 2 facilities provide support for biological sample collection and short-term cold storage; data collection and transmission; lodging for crew before and after they work in situ and for support staff. Walking distance from SAM are two conference centers to host mixed media events, project launches and conclusions. On campus casitas include full kitchens with grocery, hardware, specialty stores and restaurants in near-by Tucson.
FedEx, UPS, and USPS deliver daily.

Unlike the remote MDRS, HI-SEAS, and Concordia, SAM can be in direct view of daily visitors to Biosphere 2 (at the discretion of the visiting team). Through mixed digital media visitors will have the opportunity to observe and engage in-situ researchers, and if applicable, interact with support crew and visiting scientists as experiments are performed, data is collected, and analyses are conducted. This provides an unparalleled opportunity for science outreach and education, and engagement of citizen scientists world-wide in applied STEM.

The sum of this research, education, and outreach will move forward our collaborative understanding of the challenges and resolutions for our species to become interplanetary.