SAM at B2, image by Bryan Versteeg

SAM is a sealed, human-in-the-loop analog composed of:

  • A greenhouse built from the historic Biosphere 2 Test Module
  • A bermed 8’ x 8’ x 40’ crew quarters and massive 1⁄2 acre Mars yard
  • A fully functional, bi-directional airlock
  • ECLSS support for crew of 4; up to 2 week stays
  • Pressure suits for entry, exit, and real EVAs, run at 4.3 psi over ambient
  • Simulated regolith (crushed basalt) grow beds and hydroponics
  • Support for biology, ecology, robotics, human factors, and more …
  • Support for dozens of simultaneous experiments
  • Full interior climate control
  • WiFi data delivery, remote monitoring and control
  • On-site accommodations for support crew and equipped mission control center
  • Access to adjacent biology lab to stabilize samples and conduct basic analysis