Academic and commercial research teams from around the world will propose scientific experiments to be conducted within and around SAM. The aforementioned research foci are by no means mandates, rather stimulation for the imagination and all that needs to be done to prepare humans for exploration of our solar system. Researchers can work on-site to conduct experiments or install equipment to be operated remotely, or ship test and data collection systems to be installed and operated locally by SAM staff.

Scientific studies might include:

  • Soil, hydroponic, and aquaponic agricultural systems
  • Food production and food consumption studies
  • Plant-based CO 2 sequestration and bioregeneration
  • Converting regolith to soil, and soil health studies
  • Transition from mechanical to sustainable, hybrid ECLSS solutions
  • Seasonal radiation and artificial lighting studies
  • AI and robotics automation and cohabitation
  • Human factors, tool use, and haptics
  • Use of fully functional pressure suits in the surrounding Mars yard
  • Short-term food and sociology studies
  • Long-term studies in human psychology will be considered only for qualified teams.
  • To name a few …