SAM Symposium 2020, 1 and 2 of 12: Dr. Joaquin Ruiz
Kai Staats, Director of SAM opens the SAM Symposium 2020 followed by a welcome by Dr. Joaquin Ruiz, Executive Director of the Biosphere 2.

SAM Symposium 2020, 3 of 12: Taber MacCallum
This session features Taber MacCallum, one of the original eight Biospherians, Founder, Co-CEO & CTO for Space Perspective. Taber takes us on a tour of the design, construction, and use of the Test Module, the controlled environment (greenhouse) for SAM.

SAM Symposium 2020, 4 of 12: Ewan Reid
This session features Ewan Reid, CEO of Mission Control Space Services. He discusses his team’s work toward off-world robotic exploration and an educational program that enables students to remotely operate a full-features rover, with realistic mission parameters and challenges.

SAM Symposium 2020, 5 of 12: Trent Tresch and Dr. Cameron Smith
This session features Trent Tresch and Dr. Cameron Smith of Smith Aerospace Garments. Cameron and his team have for ten years developed a series of pressure garments for IVA and EVA activities, and will be providing the EVA suits for SAM.

SAM Symposium 2020, 6 of 12: Ezio Melotti
This session features Ezio Melotti, a Lead Developer for SIMOC, the hi-fidelity computer model and web interface for an adaptive simulation of a human-in-the-loop, closed ecosystem.

SAM Symposium 2020, 7 of 12: Anastasiya Stepanova
This session features Anastasiya Stepanova, an Engineer at the Institute of Biomedical Problems and SIRIUS, Moscow. She shares a brief history of the SIRIUS analog and her own involvement in a micro-gravity simulation study.

SAM Symposium 2020, 8 of 12: Shannon Rupert
This session features Dr. Shannon Rupert, Director of the Mars Desert Research Station for the Mars Society. She shares lessons learned in twenty years operation of the world’s more famous, operational analog.

SAM Symposium 2020, 9 of 12: Michael Blum for the UC CEAC Student Team
This session features Michael Blum for a student team at the University of Arizona’s Controlled Environment Agriculture Center as they move to reactivate the Mars-Lunar Greenhouse program in concern with SAM.

SAM Symposium 2020, 10 of 12: Coby Scheidemantel and the UA Engineering 498 Capstone Team
This session features Ahmed Alraeesi, Arfan Wibisono, Coby Scheidemantel, Gustavo Velez, James Marlar, Meghan Marlowe, Nathan Moeller of the University of Arizona Engineering 498 Capstone team as they describe the automated pressure regulation system being design and built for the SAM crew quarters.

SAM Symposium 2020, 11 of 12: Bryan Versteeg
This session features Bryan Versteeg, renowned Conceptual Designer for space habitats. Bryan takes us on a tour of the proposed interior of the SAM crew quarters.

SAM Symposium 2020, 12 of 12: John Adams and Kai Staats
This session features John Adams with an introduction to the science conducted at Biosphere 2 and Kai Staats with a summary of the SAM objectives current status, followed by a closing Q&A.